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230V / 50HZ / European Plug
230V / 50Hz / UK Plug
240V / 50Hz / Australia Plug
120V / 60Hz / USA Plug
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Weight per unit: 8.2 kg

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
2000 Watt / Max 4000W / 24 Volt DC
+ ATS + UPS + IUoU Battery Charger + MPPT Solar Charge Controller

This Pure Sine Wave Inverter produces from 24 Volt Direct Current Voltage (DC) a Pure Alternating Current Voltage (AC). For that it needs only a 24 Volt Direct Current Voltage (DC) for example from a Battery or Generator.

   Integrated MPPT Solar Charge Controller
This device is a combination of DC to AC voltage inverter and solar charger. With the electrical energy generated by solar cells you can charge the connected batteries. solar modules can be connected up to 70V input voltage. The maximum battery charging current is 280W and always ensures full batteries when there is enough sunlight. The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) optimally utilizes the solar power of your solar panels. The most efficient operating point of the solar panels is changed by various factors such as module temperature, irradiation, module type, etc. This operating point is constantly monitored by the internal microcontroller and controlled in such a way that the most optimal performance of the solar module is given and your batteries are loaded with the respective largest current. In opposition to conventional PWM Solar Charge Controller the full potential of your solar panels can be utilized, resulting in an efficiency of at leaset 97%.

   Integrated IUoU Battery Charger for Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM and LiFePo4 (BMS) Batteries
Once 230V is applied, the connected battery will be recharged by an built in battery charger. The charging capacity is maximum 280W. If another charger is used in your system there will be no impairment. Both chargers check the condition of the battery and adjust their charging behavior. The IUoU charging process ensures that the charger automatically switches after the main charge phase into the floating status. As a result the self-discharge and premature aging of the accumulator is counteracted and the batteries can be charged permanently.

   Automatic detection of an external voltage source and switching between battery and grid operation
If an external power source is connected, the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) turns the input voltage to the ouput socket on the front panel. The connected consumers are then supplied from the external power source. The built-in intelligent IUoU battery charger ensures that at the same time the battery system will be fully loaded and switches afterwards into the floating status. As soon as the external power is not available, the ATS switches back to battery operation. Because of the short switching time of only 10 milliseconds this Pure Sine Wave Inverter is suitable for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Highlights  Inclusive 

New Condition
Weight: 5,7 kg Net / 7,2 kg Gross
Size: 40cm x 18cm x 13cm

2 times Output Peak Capacity for 2 seconds
Earthed Output Socket
USB port to charge small consumers
High Efficiency (low power losses)
LED Display (Inverter, Fault, etc.)
Input & Output isolated
Short Circuit Protection
Overload Shut Down
Low Voltage Shut Down
Thermal Protection
Polarity Protection
*Newest Soft-Start Technology integrated
*Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
*Intelligent Power Management (IPM)
*Intelligent Fan Control (IFC)
Certificates: CE, E-Mark, RoHS, ISO 9001
3 Years Warranty

*Explanation at the end of the document 

Suitable Battery Cable Set

Remote Control

Spare Fuses

User Manual (english/german)


   Do not waste money on dangerous cheap merchandise with wrong performance data !
Our Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter price-performance ratio is one of the best on the market ! These draw out by high stability of voltage, frequency, high efficiency and first-class pure sine wave quality. Via micro controller electronics a constant monitoring of the most important parameters takes place to react on disturbances and irregularities in supply voltage. Highly sensitive devices can be operated absolutely trouble free such as television, video, stereo systems, game consoles, computer, laptop etc. (no flickering, no background noise or white stripes in the picture). Also inductive loads with high starting power such as refrigerators, air conditioning systems, electric motors, pumps etc. can be used with our Pure Sine Inverter if the output capacity is sufficient. Moreover our Pure Sine Inverter extend the life spam of your battery up to 20% compare to conventional Modified Inverter.

To determine the right Power Inverter, you have to check your consumers power consumption data. The accurate performance data usually you can find on the type label of your electric consumer or in the user manual. Consider whether you still want to schedule power reserves for possible future devices. Please note also that inductive loads (typically consumer with motors) such as electric motors, refrigerators, air conditioners, compressors, drills, circula saws and pumps need a multiple of the rated output as starting power.
Specifications Power Inverter
2000 Watt (max.4000W) Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
with IUoU Battery Charger and MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Model No.   I-S-2000/24
Output Continous Capacity   2000W
Output Peak Capacity   4000W
*Output Voltage *120V / 230V / 240V AC
Output Voltage Stability   +/- 3%
*Output Frequency *50Hz or 60Hz Frequency Stabilized
Output Signal Form Pure Sine Wave
*Output Side Connection   *Europe(Schuko)- / U.K.- / USA- / Australia- / Universal- Socket
Input Rated Voltage      24V DC
Input Voltage Range      20-32V DC
Input Side Connection   Terminal for Battery Cable
No Load Current Draw   0,42A
Efficiency (full load) max. 92%
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) max. 3%
Protection (Output)
Output Short Circuit Protection  
Output Overload Auto Shut Down
Protection (Input)
Low Voltage Warning     21,0V ± 1,0V DC
Low Voltage Shut Down   20,0V ± 1,0V DC
Over Voltage Shut Down      32,0V ± 1,0V DC
Soft Start
Cooling by Fan 40°C ± 2°C on
Thermal Protection > 60°C
Polarity Protection by Fuse
HI-POT (Isolation Test)
Operation-, Ambient Temperature -15°C up to +50°C
Storage Temperature -30°C up to +70°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 40cm × 18cm × 13cm
Net Weight 5,7 kg
Certification CE (EMC+LVD), E-Mark, RoHS, SGS (ISO 9001)
Specifications Battery Charger  
*AC Input Voltage *220V-240V ±10% / 100V-120V ±10%
*AC Input Frequency *50Hz / 60Hz
DC Charging Voltage   21V - 30V
DC Charging Current   280W
Three Stage Charging Bulk / Absorption / Float charge
Battery Type Lead-Acid / Gel / AGM
Automatically Switching Time max. 10ms
Specifications MPPT Solar Charge Controller  
DC Charging Current   280W
DC Voltage Range   27-70V
Charge Stage MPPT (Max Power Point Tracker)
Efficiency 97%

Reduces high starting currents of consumer and protects thereby the inverter and your devices against damages.
Controlled protective and warning functions.Recognizes wrong battery input voltage for example 24V instead of 12V and accomplishes an auto shut down if necessary. When using a battery charger the inverter must not be clamped or switched off.
*Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR):
The output voltage is kept always constant by a processor, even if the input voltage of the battery drops.
*Intelligent Power Management (IPM):
The IPM steers all important functions so that voltage fluctuations will be reduced and the frequency remains stable. This protects the attached consumers
*Intelligent Fan Control (IFC):
The cooling is temperature and load controlled. The fan only activate if the temperature in the equipment inside is too high (temperature controlled) or if larger consumers are attached (load controlled). This has the advantage that the fan only starts when required and therefore energy is saved and noise is avoided. 
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