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ca. 2-5 days ca. 2-5 days (*Info*)
2 pieces
Output and Plug:
230V / 50HZ / European Plug
230V / 50Hz / UK Plug
240V / 50Hz / Australia Plug
120V / 60Hz / USA Plug
142.94 USD

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Weight per unit: 3.5 kg

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
500 Watt / Max 1000W / 12 Volt DC

for Car, Caravan, Boat, Camping, etc.

This Pure Sine Wave Inverter produces from 12 Volt Direct Current Voltage (DC) a Pure Alternating Current Voltage (AC). For that it needs only a 12 Volt Direct Current Voltage (DC) for example from a Battery

Highlights  Inclusive 

New Condition
Pure Sine Wave (not modified sine wave !)
German Taiwanese Cooperation
Weight: 2,1 kg Net / 3,5 kg Gross
Size: 23cm x 12,3cm x 6,2cm
High Efficiency (low power losses)
1x Output Socket
Soft Start
Fan for cooling
Input & Output isolated
Short Circuit Protection
Overload Shut Down
Low Voltage Shut Down
Thermal Protection
Polarity Protection
Certificates: CE, E-Mark, RoHS, ISO 9001
3 Years Warranty


Suitable Battery Cable Set

   Do not waste money on dangerous cheap merchandise with wrong performance data !
Our Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter price-performance ratio is one of the best on the market ! These draw out by high stability of voltage, frequency, high efficiency and first-class pure sine wave quality.

500 Watt (max.1000W) Inverter -
Pure Sine Wave
Model No. I-P-0500/12  
Output Continous Capacity   500W
Output Peak Capacity   1000W
*Output Voltage *120V / 230V / 240V AC
Output Voltage Stability   +/- 3%
*Output Frequency *50Hz or 60Hz Frequency Stabilized
Output Signal Form Pure Sine Wave
*Output Side Connection   *Europe(Schuko)- / U.K.- / USA- / Australia- / Universal- Socket
Input Rated Voltage 12V DC      
Input Voltage Range    10-16V DC  
Input Side Connection   Terminal for Battery Cable
No Load Current Draw 0,65A  
Efficiency (full load) max. 85%
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) max. 3%
Protection (Output)
Output Short Circuit Protection  
Output Overload Auto Shut Down
Protection (Input)
Low Voltage Warning   10,5V ± 0,5V DC  
Low Voltage Shut Down 10,0V ± 0,5V DC  
Over Voltage Shut Down    16,0V ± 0,5V DC  
Soft Start
Cooling by Fan 40°C ± 2°C on
Thermal Protection > 60°C
Polarity Protection by Fuse
HI-POT (Isolation Test)
Operation-, Ambient Temperature -15°C up to +50°C
Storage Temperature -30°C up to +70°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 23cm × 12,3cm × 6,2cm
Net Weight 2,1 kg
Certification CE (EMC+LVD), E-Mark, RoHS, SGS (ISO 9001)
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